Our aim was to develop a brand that would help OurFish set a new benchmark for the local fishing industry.

With pride in their credentials, an emphasis on quality not quantity, sustainable practices, and stewardship of the fishery, we knew OurFish had a compelling story to communicate; this gave us a great jumping off point both strategically and creatively.


It was important to us that we created a brand that was both premium as well as grassroots and one that our local community could stand behind, be proud of and truly support.Taking inspiration from the estuarine environment of Wallis Lake, we created a colour palette and set of custom illustrative icons to highlight OurFish’s primary produce: fresh, local, and sustainable fish, crabs, and prawns. 

Once the brand was complete we created business cards, shop front signage, a truck wrap, uniform designs, flyers, and a simple website to act as a digital signpost for the business.

Brand photography: Dan Kirkman | Something Visual