We weren't able to wait until Monday to post this one, so this week you get a Tuesday edition - and we think it's worth it!

Today, all gums are flapping about the new campaign from NT Official - 'CU in the NT'. This jaw dropping headline has set social media feeds a flurry, with shock, hilarity, offense, and admiration being some of the emotions openly expressed about this controversial campaign promoting travel to the top end amongst younger adventure seekers. 

Whilst is quick to point out that they are not affiliated with, endorsed by, associated with or sponsored by any government or official NT tourism organisations or their associated brands, you can't help but wonder - what do Tourism NT think of all the attention?

Here's what the media are saying on

This isn't the first time that a brand has used headline-grabbing expletives to increase interest in their product.  In the early 1990's UK fashion label French Connection rebranded themselves 'FCUK', grabbing global attention (and no doubt global dollars), by reinvigorating their ailing brand with a younger audience who see appeal in this seemingly act of rebellion.  Here's an article from Clive Miller of The Age about the impact on advertising standards that this type of riotous campaign has.

Is this is a stroke of guerrilla marketing genius, or just plain offensive? Let us know your thoughts.

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