Going out on your own and starting your own business is a scary decision to make - we know, we've done it (and are still working our way through it). 

The worry about what the future holds, making ends meet, establishing your own fulfilment and independent sustainability, and finding that unicorn 'work/life balance' can leave you with frayed nerves and be feeling a little vulnerable. But here's why that vulnerability can be a positive thing for you and your business.

It's understandable that your comfort zone makes you feel...well, comfortable. There's a science behind this state of cosiness, that explains that a state of relative comfort brings with it a steady level of performance. But this same science also explains that there is an empirical relationship between arousal and performance, and finding that balance in business can assist you in driving your business and personal goals further.

By pushing your boundaries you learn more. Opening yourself up to new experiences and information challenges your confirmation bias, your ability to consider new ideas or beliefs that challenge your own existing beliefs. Many a bad decision has been made due to confirmation biases so learning to expand your horizons may well protect you from this.

We discussed resilience last week, but embracing feeling vulnerable from time to time will also increase your resilience. The ability to roll with the punches in small business will keep your stress levels down and strengthen your ability to brainstorm your way to your next win.

You'll be more productive. Sitting pretty in your comfort zone kills productivity and creativity, so unless you're happy with your current status quo, harness that awkward feeling of vulnerability and use it to stride ahead towards your goals, and get more done.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help. Whilst that may be part of what makes you feel vulnerable, feeling like you don't know what you're doing some of the time is a completely normal part of dancing outside of your comfort zone. You are your own pioneer, and by definition, this means you are experiencing some firsts in your world. Draw on people who may have walked a similar path before, who have particular expertise in the area you need guidance in, or tap into that infinite world wide web and do some desktop research of your own that will make you feel better informed to make those tricky decisions.

If you'd like to hear how we started to tackle our own feelings of vulnerability in order to get Heath and Hoff off the ground, you can listen to Brooke speak with Mike Campbell from Live Immediately podcast about our move away from full-time jobs in big ad agencies in Sydney, to making the move from the #bigsmoketobootibooti to start Heath and Hoff, create a new life and home, and come to grips with slow living and the challenges that come with feeling uncomfortable about change.

We'd love to hear about your experiences with getting your business off the ground, or what's making you feel vulnerable in business right now. Get in touch with us in the comment section below, or on email by contacting Brooke at brooke@heathandhoff.com.

H + H.