We created a ecommerce store to show that Nusa Indah is more than just a surf hardware brand, it's a lifestyle.

When Jada McNeil first came to us she was looking for a new website to sell her surfboards, but it was clear that these weren’t just any surfboards, and that we couldn’t just create her a regular ecommerce website – These boards deserved more…

We were quick to decide that the new website had to do more than just facilitate board sales - we needed to take a more editorial approach and tell the brand story so that our audience could become immersed in the lifestyle aspirations that Nusa Indah evokes. Luckily for us, Jada had already commissioned talented local photographer @brettrutkowski to shoot her boards, bringing to life the inspiration behind each collection.

With several designer collaborations established, and board collections that include matching dresses that take you straight from the beach to the bar, the website allows you to peruse “beautifully wild and unapologetically eclectic surfboards" such as the recently designed boards for Jada’s collaboration with @luludk_lifestyle for the newly refurbished @thecoveatlantis hotel in the Bahamas.

For this project, we crafted Nusa Indah's brand story and site copywriting, created store surfboard templates to make displaying boards an easier process, and we developed and built the website and e-commerce platform. The website experience works beautifully across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Nusa Indah Photography: Brett Rutkowski