The Hub Forster

Conditions of Monthly Hot Desk Hire

Heath and Hoff (ABN: 16615371812), offers a temporary work space defined as a “hot desk” to hire to;

THE HIRER: ‘Your Business name here’

FEE: $480 (Monthly)

TERM: Monthly, per calendar month, commencing 1st of the month specified when booking. Based on availability.

COMMENCEMENT DATE: 1st of the month selected when booking. Based on availability.

COORDINATOR: The Hub Forster

Agrees to accept the hire of the Hot Desk Service and the use of the Co-Working Space within the Heath & Hoff studio (The Hub) on the following conditions (Conditions) and in accordance with the Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct) included within these Conditions.

Hot Desk Service
Means the use of one desk space within The Hub and the services and equipment provided to the Hirer for use (What’s included and what’s not) in accordance with these Conditions.

The person listed as Coordinator is appointed by Heath and Hoff (ABN: 16615371812) to manage the Hot Desk bookings for The Hub (the Coordinator).

Hire Period
The Hire Period is for the term specified in this agreement (per calendar month), based upon availability.

Payment and Fee
Full payment of the Fee for the Hot Desk Service is required at time of booking. Payment can be made via 

For ongoing Monthly bookings, a subscription fee can be established. The fee is payable on the 1st of every month by direct debit into The Hub’s nominated account. Terms of recurring direct debit, the Hirer must notify The Hub of any changes in payment method immediately. Speak to The Hub Coordinator to set this up.

Hours of Use
The Hot Desk Service is provided between 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Access to the Hot Desk Area will be provided by the Coordinator within the Hours of Use. The Coordinator will inform you in advance, as a courtesy, of any testing, repair or other works to be carried out unless there is an emergency.

The Hirer will not be allowed to access The Hub outside the Hours of Use unless specifically authorised in writing in exceptional circumstances.

If there is any closure due to an event, the Coordinator with provide notice to the Hirer in a reasonable time.

Shared Use
The use by the Hirer of the Hot Desk, the common areas or any meeting rooms made available to the Hirer by The Hub is non-exclusive. The Hirer is unable to host guests or clients at The Hub unless they have booked the meeting room, or prior arrangements have been made with Heath and Hoff/The Hub.

Contact us
Hot Desk enquiries should be directed to the Coordinator via email

Meeting Room
To book the meeting room please contact The Coordinator at Bookings are subject to availability.

Deliveries must be scheduled within the Hours of Use, unless prior arrangements have been made with The Coordinator. The Hub does not accept responsibility for any deliveries where the Hirer is not present to accept deliveries, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

Alterations or additions to the shared space must not be made without the consent of The Hub/Heath and Hoff.

Terms of Service.

A credit will be issued if a confirmed booking is cancelled with more than 24 hours notice of the commencement of the scheduled booking. No refund or credit will be provided for bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice of the commencement of the scheduled booking.

Breach of Agreement
The Hub may terminate this agreement at its own discretion, if it determines that the Hirer has breached these Conditions or the Code of Conduct.

Keep Neat and Tidy
The hirer will at all times keep the Hot Desk Area and Co-Working Space neat and tidy.

The Hirer will be financially responsible for any breakage, defect, damage, theft or vandalism caused by the Hirer, or a guest of the Hirer, to the space or the property of The Hub during the Hire Period.

Any damage must be reported to the Coordinator immediately and if deemed the fault of the Hirer, an invoice will be issued for the repair or replacement.

Release & Indemnity
The Hirer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Heath and Hoff/The Hub and Heath and Hoff/The Hub’s representatives against any action, claim or demand whatsoever which arises or may arise as a result of the Hirer’s use of The Hub services

The Hirer does not and will not hold Heath and Hoff/The Hub responsible and releases Heath and Hoff/The Hub for the loss or damage of any of the Hirer’s equipment, property or personal belongings.

Heath and Hoff/The Hub is also not liable for any failure until the Hirer has informed the Hub and given reasonable time for rectification.

The Hirer agrees that Heath and Hoff/The Hub will not be liable for any loss, damage or claim which arises as a result of, or in connection with, this agreement and/or the use of the services except to the extent that such loss, damage, expense or claim is directly attributable to its deliberate act or its gross negligence. It is assumed that the Hirer holds their own Public Liability insurance cover.

Heath and Hoff/The Hub will not in any circumstances be liable for loss of business, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, loss of or damage to data, third party claims or any consequential loss.

Heath and Hoff/The Hub bears no liability for the health and safety of the Hirer or any person at the building with its express or implied authority which shall at all times remain the responsibility of the Hirer.

Work Health Safety
The Hirer must comply with any instruction of The Hub, the Coordinator or the landlord relating to any Health and Safety issue including without limitation under the Work Health Safety Act 2011 (NSW). The Hirer may be required to undertake a safety induction for The Hub.

What’s included (and what’s not)


  • Unlimited Wifi access
  • Printing, limited to 50 pages per day
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Dedicated desk and chair
  • Access to shared spaces
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • The kitchen facility in The Hub may be used by the Hirers for simple food storage and preparation.
  • Use of the meeting room (subject to booking and availability)

Not included:

  • Use of The Hub logo, brand or images in any documentation of publication (including web) in connection with the Hirers business unless previously agreed in writing by The Hub

Code of conduct

The Hirer agrees to:

  • Respect the confidentiality of other Hirers and whilst they may be privy to private conversations, not communicate this information outside of The Hub
  • Respect that The Hub is a place of business and maintain professionalism in all interactions undertaken at The Hub
  • Respect and treat other Hirers fairly regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability
  • Only use the Hot-desking Space for its permitted use and only for the business stated in the Agreement or subsequently agreed with The Hub
  • Not do or permit to be done in the Co-working Space anything which is illegal or which may be or become a nuisance, (whether actionable or not) damage, annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to The Hub or to other Hirers
  • Not browse or download material of an illegal or offensive nature. This includes but is not limited to: copyrighted movies, music, or software, hacking/cracking material, or adult material.
  • Not bring the name or brand of The Hub into disrepute
  • Not smoke on, or out the front of The Hub premises.

Agreed use

The Hirer agrees to use the Hot Desk for doing and developing the business as stated in this agreement. The Hirer must not use any part of The Hub for storage of any items without prior agreement with The Hub.

The Hirer may not use the address of The Hub as his/her business address nor may the Hirer use it as the Registered Office of its business, unless previously agreed with The Hub.

This agreement is non-transferable and The Hub reserves the right to make changes to this agreement and pricing at any stage. The Hirer will be given 30 days’ notice of any changes.