We created a branded platform for local producers to sell their fresh, ethical and sustainable produce direct to local consumers across the NSW Mid Coast.

We identified that the biggest barrier to success for smaller independent farmers was their ability to create a direct retail connection with their customers.

For most farmers, having customers visit their property to purchase fresh produce isn't practical, and establishing profitable retail channels and affordable small-scale distribution facilities is time-consuming and costly; that's where Farm to Fridge comes in.


Farm to Fridge offers producers the opportunity to retail direct to local customers, on their terms – facilitating seasonal availability and weekly inventory changes based on supply and demand. We implemented an always-open store with a weekly ordering cut-off and delivery day, here’s how it works:


Ordering opens Sunday at 4pm and closes Tuesday 4pm.


Your order will be ready Friday for delivery or local pick up.


Enjoy locally grown, fresh produce with your friends & family.

As well as developing the platform, we created the simple Farm to Fridge brand, and continue to style and photograph all the produce in house as new producers and their products are added to the website. We launched the platform to the local community by targeting specific locations with a letterbox drop with a flyer announcing the launch, and we continue to manage their social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram.

Consumers now have access to incredible local produce and artisan goods that would otherwise only be available at farmers markets or high-end deli and grocery stores in Sydney – and gosh it’s delicious!