Throughout 2018/19 we worked alongside industry-leading destination marketing experts Destination Marketing Store to develop a new brand for our new tourism destination, Barrington Coast.

Developing a Destination Brand Strategy was a high-priority action identified in the MidCoast Council’s Destination Management Plan, following the amalgamation of three councils and tourism identities - Great Lakes, Gloucester and Manning Valley - completed in 2017. It was crucial that the brand united our vast region, and delivered on the identified opportunities to encourage more people to visit our region and contribute to a vibrant visitor economy, with benefits flowing to our local communities and businesses.

The new destination name Barrington Coast is a unique identifier, which no other destination in Australia can own in the marketplace. While it is a small part of the overall strategy, the name provides us with an opportunity to bring increased attention to our region and a platform to bring to life the destination’s ‘summit to sea’ experiences.

The place where the leaves touch the waters from the mountains to the sea. 

Our destination brand is inspired by the Aboriginal description of our region. We have included illustrative references to native plants endemic to the Barrington Coast to tell this story. An ongoing consultation process is underway to ensure the Local Land Councils are properly represented. A library of illustration assets has been built for use throughout the branding.

The brand has been designed with flexibility in mind, enabling us to showcase our diverse offering in a contemporary and engaging manner.


Promoting the outstanding experiences available within the Great Lakes, Manning Valley and Gloucester regions, our new destination brand connects and unites the diverse range of attractions, characters and stories that we are already famous for. Whilst developing the brand identity, and with all future content development, we have our high-yield aspirational target markets in our sights as our bullseye for engagement.


Developing the brand strategy and identity involved significant investment in stakeholder consultation all over the region to ensure we had the buy in of our local industry and community. This included workshops with the council and industry working groups, along with working with the destination team to develop a brand that we all believe is representative of our place, people, and our much loved visitors.

4WD photography: Robert Maulie on behalf on National Parks NSW