We delivered a phase 1 website for Destination Barrington Coast that helped lead positive conversations and informed locals and visitors about the newly amalgamated region.

The website not only provides visitors with an overview of the newly amalgamated Barrington Coast destination but also gives locals context to the destination name, branding project, and Destination Management Plan (DMP).

We commissioned a short film by local videographer Dan Kirkman from Something Visual to showcase the breadth of the Barrington Coast, helping to tell the region’s story, giving context to the destination name, and ultimately demonstrating the region’s summit to sea experience.

Giving context to the Barrington Coast was an important aspect of the project. We learned that many people had no idea of the new region’s breadth, so the website became a critical education tool.

We implemented a region wide events calendar that enable the tourism team to merge events pages from existing council websites; this provided a better user experience for visitors.